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It’s great to be able to schedule meetings and phone calls as activities in CiviCRM. A staff member can schedule activities for himself, for co-workers, or both, and the assigned activities will show up on the CiviCRM Contact Dashboard. Wonderful! At Emphanos, we’ve found that this works well for some users, but that many people […]

2-day CiviCRM Training in Chicago

Configuring CiviCRM Option Groups Most configurable options and settings for CiviCRM can be found under the “Administer” tab on the CiviCRM navigation menu, but there are a few particular options which are inaccessible from this menu, including the pages for editing and creating Activity Statuses and Contribution Statuses. You can still find these options buried […]

This past Wednesday I gave a presentation on CiviCRM at the March Chicago Drupal Meetup. Here are the slides from the presentation. It turns out that the google presentation viewer doesn’t seem to preserve the same formatting of the original slides, so some text will be cut off. But it’s a very convenient way to […]

Robert, NAISA

We had our first Greater Chicago area CiviCRM Meetup at 6 pm on Thursday February 10th at the offices of Emphanos at TechNexus and had 6 people in attendance. Topics we covered: We’d like to acknowledge SNtial Technologies for sponsoring the pizza and Emphanos for providing refreshments. Hope to see you at the next meetup […]

Emphanos is proud to sponsor the upcoming CiviCRM Conference to be held on March 7th, 2011. Chicago CiviCon 2011 will to bring together implementers, developers, end users and CiviCRM enthusiasts from all over the United States and abroad. There are three events happening concurrently on the 5th and 6th: The main event is CiviCon Chicago […]